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Southern California NWS Radar


Current Southern California Satellite Photos


California/Mexico West Coast Sea Surface Temperatures
World Sea Surface Temperatures
World Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies
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National Weather Service - San Diego

Miscellaneous ALERT and Weather Links

NWS Near Real-time ALERT Flood Warning Data for  Santa Barbara, & Ventura Counties
NWS Near-Real-Time ALERT Data Los Angeles County
Real-time California Earthquake Display (USGS)
USGS California Real-time Streamflow Data
ALERT and Flood Warning User Groups

Links to flood control and weather information from various agencies.
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ALERT rainfall data
{near real-time} 
(includes San Diego, Orange, western Riverside and southwestern San
Bernardino Counties)

Iwin Weather page
National weather information

NWS link
San Diego Area Weather Forecast

Weather Radar

USGS link
USGS real time water 
data in California

Western United States precipitation frequency maps

California sea surface temperatures

World sea surface 
temperature anomalies

San Diego weather discussion

Southern California visible satellite image (if black, it's night)

West Coast enhanced infrared satellite image

West Coast enhanced water vapor satellite image

Western Region link
Western Regional Climate Center

Floodplain Management Association

Emergency Sites
Links to emergency information from various agencies.
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FEMA link

Federal Emergency Management Agency

OES link

California Office of Emergency Services

ODP link

San Diego County Office of Emergency Services

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