Web Cams

The San Diego County Flood Control District maintains four webcams at selected low water crossings throughout the county. The image position of the webcam may change from time to time as the cameras can be controlled by County emergency staff as they inspect the condition of the road during flooding, and look up and downstream to inspect the general condition of the stream.

The webcams transmit their data by Verizon wireless modems. Occasionally, voice traffic over the nearby cell towers increases, and Verizon temporarily blocks access to our webcams until the voice traffic decreases, usually for just a few minutes. If you try to access the webcam while it is offline, an alternative site can be accessed at https://sandiego.onerain.com. The co-located flood warning station is listed next to the webcam link below. Select Sites in the upper left corner of the home page, scroll down to the station you are interested in, select the station, select Stream Level, then click on the graph. The orange line on the graph represents the road surface, and the red line represents a road-closed condition.